domingo, 3 de abril de 2016


El Dr. Juan Rumeu Milá acude al congreso , patrocinado por Biohorizons en el Centro Internacional de Convenciones de Barcelona.
ICOI World Congress XXXIII and IV International SCOI Congress
which we will celebrate in Barcelona, Spain, from March 31st to
April 2nd 2016.
We regenerate patients’ form, function, esthetics, changing
and improving quality of life, modified personal behaviors and
social interactions. Thanks to the technological advances and
the development of the new techniques there are not limits to
rehabilitating patients with missing teeth. Today, every situation can
be successful, in a simple way and with high predictability. We strongly
believe that the implant team has to work together to provide the
best implant treatment option to every patient. Barcelona is known by
the acronym BCN, and the ICOI’s World Congress will focus on Bone,
Collagen and Nature, the three principles for altering the base for
dental implants to achieve long-term success.
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